Hey I’m Jimbalaya. This site hosts all my audio work. Here’s a list of what you’ll find…

  • Creations – Most of my work; mosaics of sound
  • Found Sounds – Quick posts of recordings made while I’m out & about; expect short descriptions and a link to download the recording
  • Introductions – Occasionally I’ll put together a short intro for someone else’s mix
  • Mixes – I like to hit either 30 or 60 minutes of continuous music along with some various samples sprinkled throughout
  • Podcast – Now Defunct; one episode every Monday … Hoping for a triumphant return; available on iTunes
  • Scribbles – Short/Quickly put together edits; a bit like scribbles on a page
  • Thoughts – Announcements, or blogish entries; we’ll see what happens here

Whenever I can, I point artist, album, and song links to iTunes. These are affiliate links, and I get a percentage of the sale price if you buy the songs or albums through my links.