Chocolate Cake 16 Jan 2010 creations

This is my entry for the RPM Challenge 2009. I’m presenting it below both as an entire cake, and as individual pieces.

Chocolate Cake Front Cover Chocolate Cake Back Cover

What you’ll find below is the full recipe, separated by pieces (in bold) with its ingredients listed below. Each of the piece numbers/titles will download the individual piece, but just before the ingredients list there is a link to download the entire cake in its un-cut format.

I created this album with the intention of producing a cohesive whole (whether or not I accomplished that is another thing entirely), so please be aware that you are missing out on a little bit of the experience by downloading tracks individually. While most mp3 players can play a set of songs without a short silent gap between them, some of the transitional effects will be lost.

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been (because you haven’t seen me for a month), wondered where I was going (because I sent you a clip of absolute noise to listen to), or wondered what I was thinking (because I seemed to mentally drift off to some other place mid-conversation) … Then I’d like to thank you for your help and patience – both while I was making this and while you’re listening to it!

Chocolate Cake Ableton Set

Also, you can have a look at the entire set in Ableton Live, as I’ve linked it above. This might give you an idea of the time and effort that I put into this project this past month (or it might just confuse you). If you zoom in, you’ll see that each track is marked off. Each ingredient is presented by the bold-color bits, and each effect track (reverb, beat repeat, gate, pong, etc) is presented by a red line on the faded-color bits. Regardless of how technical it may look, I hope you enjoy how it sounds…

Download Mix [Download Zip][/audio/creations/Jimbalaya-_Chocolate_Cake/]{: .radius .button}

01 Intro

02 Fudge Crisp Eulogies

03 Candy Cane Corkscrew

04 Voodoo Colleen Morning

05 Hard Wind Divers

06 Downtown Scrabble

07 That There

08 Nowhere Sea

  • Nu People – I’d Be Nowhere Without You
  • Patricia Kaas – La Mer

09 Upstream

10 Timebox Sound

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