Cocaine Barbecue 16 Jun 2011 introductions

As Anto Greencheese would say… “It’s not kid safe!!”

This King Megatrip masterpiece is straight up chaos and all over the map… Includes classic rock, hip hop, some punk rock and a whole bunch of bootleg mash-ups. Filled with inside jokes, over the top profanity and spoken word samples — What else could you ask for?!

I managed to get TWO of my creations into this mix, and I’m quite proud of them both. It’s always difficult to let them stand alone, because of how much King Megatrip puts into it in the mix … But here they are:

Jimbalaya – Outroduction To Saturday … This one is all Elton JohnSaturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.

Jimbalaya – Tweaked Blow … This one is one part UGKCocaine (Ft Rick Ross) and one part Eric ClaptonCocaine.

You can grab the entire mix over at bmbx.

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