Agoyagev 16 Jan 2010 mixes

Namaste.  This mix was commissioned by Vega Yoga, a local yoga studio here in Holyoke, MA. Their one year anniversary was April 4th 2009, so they had a weekend full of exciting events.  Agoyagev was created specifically for Aaron Vega’s signature vegaflow classes, which incorporate a wide range of music that you’d probably think unlikely to hear in a yoga studio…

Agoyagev Cover

  1. Baird Hersey & PranaAhimsa
  2. AirLa Femme d’Argent
  3. QuanticTime Is The Enemy
  4. The Waz Exp – Bang Lassi
  5. ThunderballSapphire
  6. MolokoThe Id
  7. The Cinematic OrchestraChannel One Suite
  8. Tabla Beat ScienceMagnetic Dub
  9. Thievery CorporationSatyam Shivam Sundaram (Feat Gunjan)
  10. Kalyanji & AnandjiMy Guru
  11. Roots ManuvaColossal Insight
  12. RustieJust For Kicks (Instrumental)
  13. Jamie LidellA Little Bit More
  14. The RootsThe Next Movement (Instrumental) (Video)
  15. DJ Mark FarinaLife (Original Mix)
  16. JaylibReact (Instrumental)
  17. Nightmares On Wax(Man) Tha Journey
  18. Jon KennedyTell Me How You Feel (Bonobo Mix)
  19. Baby MammothCome Again
  20. Ulrich SchnaussNobody’s Home
  21. Krishna DasKashi Vishwanath Gange
  22. Baird Hersey & PranaAparigrahah


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